• USA - Unlimited Data Plan (500MB/Day High Speed + FUP)

Please note: The Wraptel Data SIM is required to operate all our Data Packages. If you don't have one of our data SIM's you can order one by clicking on the following link: ORDER SIM CARD

The below data package does not inlcude a SIM Card


USA - Unlimited Data Plan (500MB/Day High Speed + FUP)


Enjoy 4G LTE/3G data on the AT&T and T-Mobile networks.

Choose from the following Unlimited Data Packages (500MB/Day High Speed + FUP):

  • 7 Days ($17.00)
  • 10 Days ($24.00)
  • 12 Days ($29.00)
  • 15 Days ($31.00)
  • 20 Days ($41.00)
  • 30 Days ($58.00)

Learn more about our FUP:  Fair Usage & Expiry Policy


It can take up to 24 hours for the data package to be assigned your SIM Card. Activating or inserting the Data SIM Card in your device will begin the daily consumption period of the Unlimited Data package. For Set Up & Operating instructions click here.


To add a USA - Unlimited Data Plan (500MB/Day High Speed + FUP) to your SIM:

  1. Select from the drop down the Data Package you wish to add.
  2. For existing customer enter the last 6 digits of the Data SIM Card number (found on the back of SIM). For new customers leave blank.
  3. Click 'Add to Cart' button
  4. Follow the checkout process

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After checkout, you will receive a email confirming your purchase.


USA - Unlimited Data Plan (500MB/Day High Speed + FUP)

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